Children’s Ministry @ Woodland Baptist Church

Welcome Woodland families!

This is a place you can check-in for resources and encouragement as we navigate social distancing together! The above resource menu has children’s activities, video messages from Pastor Carin (and other church volunteers) and other resources. I have created a blog page for previous emails and other messages of encouragement for parents.

My God will meet all your needs. He will meet them in keeping with his wonderful riches. These riches come to you because you belong to Christ Jesus. – Phillipians 4:19

  • New Every Morning
    As humans I think most of us thrive on routine.  I like knowing what to expect.  I like driving to work the same way without having to think about it.  I like knowing what time my alarm should be set on given days.  I likeContinue reading “New Every Morning”
  • The New Norm
    When the news of the Coronavirus first came out (and the anxiety ramped up) the term our “new norm” was used a lot. I refused to say the new norm because in my mind it was very temporary and was a temporary norm. Now asContinue reading “The New Norm”

Kids’ Zone LESSONS

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